When little Jessie and her sisters were born, there was much excitement in my family. The mum was congratulated by all.



The names for the trio were quickly given by my family’s nickname-giving member. She has nicknames for everyone but doesn’t like ones given to her.

Essy, Tessy and Messy.


Black cats aren’t so popular. The nickname-giver was as well biased because my cute black cat was given the name Messy. Her beautiful white sister on the other hand was Essy.


We quickly shared the pictures with family and friends and all loved Essy and Tessy but no one wanted Messy.

I felt sorry for the little black kitten … and before I knew it I loved her more than her sisters.

First thing I did was change her name. I named her Jesse.



Jesse grew up so fast.

I quickly noticed she was special.


She gives her babysitter a hard time.



She enjoys cleaning her babysitter’s ears.



It wasn’t long after she was weaned that Essy was shipped of to another home. Tessy already has a promise of a home too and it won’t be long before she gets shipped off too.




Jesse is looking for a home of her own too. She loves modelling



and heavy wemb mbrowsing.



She doesn’t take up much space.



Who will give my Jesse a home?



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  1. YES! Yes! YES!

    \o/ Beautiful. Everything. Kitties. You writing.

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